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A Dark RPG spin on the MOBA genre.
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Everyone Can Sin

  • It's easy to play from almost anywhere on the planet. Servers are currently available in U.S West, U.S East, Europe West, Russia West, Brazil, Australia East and South Africa.
  • There are no location restrictions and you can queue in multiple regions simultaneously.
  • Translations in progress include French, German, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Italian.
  • Translations are now crowd sourced to support more languages and an ever evolving game. Any player can easily help as much or little as they want.


Evolution and Refinement

  • Select powerful Glyphs during the course of the game. Variants on classic spells are paired with completely new options and the choice of multiple upgrade paths.
  • Beware the night with more places to hide, changing items, more aggressive creeps and reduced vision.
  • Master a new and very strategic Jungling experience.
  • Travel the map faster via teleport scroll, teleport boots, glyphs, abilities, Hero Gear, and Quest rewards.
  • Discover a number of unique and innovative items includingAdventurer's Helm and Wraithfire Lantern. Equip up to 6 items and 2 consumables.


Player Friendly

  • Tutorial, Try Hero and Custom modes make it easy to learn and experiment with item builds and combos.
  • Co-op mode means you can enjoy the game in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Vice and Virtue system rewards good behavior with free loot and punishes bad behavior by denying it. Report and mute toxic players easily.
  • Shared gold ( with a twist) means you aren't fighting with your allies and supports can be supports.
  • Low level and under-equipped players are scaled to match the most powerful player in each session.
  • Replays are automatically available to watch and learn from.


Extensive Steam Integration

  • Use the Steam Market and Trading to acquire outstanding ingredients and offload your surplus goods.
  • Steam friends integration makes it easy to play together.
  • Send and receive Steam chat messages from in-game. Coordinate with your team via Steam voice chat.
  • Collect Steam cards and badges. Unlock Steam achievements.
  • Steam Cloud saves your settings, hotkeys and other custom configurations.


Unrivaled Twitch Integration

  • Reward your viewers with free gifts - including full skins! We provide the loot, you provide the stream. The more viewers you have the better the reward.
  • See who is streaming and just push a button to watch. Upvote your favorite streamers. As streamers increase their votes they will earn free loot.
  • Read your Twitch chat from within the game. You never need to turn away from the action.


Game Mode Variety

  • Begin with Tutorials to learn the game and earn free Hero Gear. Experiment in 'Try Hero' mode where you can cheat to test item builds, ability combos and sample skins.
  • Compete in Duels (1v1, 2v2) or Siege (5v5) both of which have unique objectives.
  • Co-Op against the sophisticated Ai Golems to earn experience and rewards.
  • Never wait to play. Queue for any number of modes and play a scrimmage or solo mode while you wait without losing your spot in line.
  • Lore based solo/co-op Adventures and Arcade-like challenges are coming soon!


RPG Inspired Customization

  • Level up and customize every Hero's core attributes to best suit your play style and strategy.
  • Equip Hero Gear before the game to gain new powers. Hero specific gear like Ziri's Blade Vane can even change the way abilities function. Hero Gear is not Pay-to-Win.
  • Design your own Hero item build templates and carry them into a match to easily reference your plan.
  • Customize the hotkeys for every Hero ability using our innovative new Advanced Casting feature. More customization coming including Familiars!


RPG Inspired Gameplay

  • Embark on tide-turning Quests for rewards and power. Fend off plagued vermin, resurrect the undead, steal Troll treasure, raise a powerful Gryphon ally and more!
  • Quests are randomly chosen to change the flow and reward adaptable strategies.
  • Complete quests to unlock stages of the Adventurer's Bounty and help drive your enemy to defeat.
  • Equip unique Adventurer items like the Adventurer's Bow to aid in your questing and to build a powerful late game advantage.


Free to Play...and More!

  • Free Game. No catch. Don't even waste time creating an account or giving us your email.
  • Free Heroes. This includes all current and future Heroes. No grinding to unlock.
  • Free Skins . Win as a reward, craft them or receive from the built-in Twitch Streamer Gifting system.
  • Free Almost Everything. Unlock it all by crafting, behaving nicely, streaming, watching streams, recruiting friends, or winning as a reward.
  • No Pay-to-Win. We never sell anything that affects gameplay. Learn more



The World of Sins of a Dark Age

  • Dark Fantasy with mature themes and styling.
  • A consistent and immersive environment.
  • Rich Hero backstories with expansive dialog, detailed visuals and unique gameplay.
  • Uncover the story through collectible Lore Books and upcoming solo and co-op Adventures.

There is a darkness gathering in the skies above Amaranth. It is the ash of an ancient forest, set alight by the armies of man. It is the shadow cast by the wings of valkryn, foul creatures that feed on the screams of the dying as well as their flesh. It is the black pus that fills the lungs of plague-stricken beggars. It is the dust rising from an empty grave. It is the creatures that lurk in shadows and it is something that even they fear.

The world is changing, and there are none alive who can stop it. Humanity's gods are lost to the eons, violently torn back to the heavens. The bridge lies shattered, severing the divine and mortal realms. Magic has taken root within mankind, and even those who fear it have come to rely on its power, as creatures rise from the depths to haunt humanity and bring about a new age of darkness.

The sins of the past have given birth to nightmares, and with every battle the gates that bind them shudder and weaken. It will not be long before darkness engulfs more than just the skies above Amaranth. An ancient power slowly awakens...


Invite a friend. Get free stuff.

Send a Fellowship Bundle to your friend and they will receive two free gifts. If they reach level 10 you will also gain a bonus Virtue level. Earn exclusive content from higher Virtue levels! Learn More