Penn is a precocious shepherd boy with a talent for magic beyond his years. At the Seeker’s urging, Penn has left his home to be trained to use his gifts. Quick on his feet, Penn supports his allies by conjuring helpful spirit manifestations.

Orphaned from a young age, Penn was raised on his uncle’s farm, north of the Imperial Mountains. It was a quiet, bucolic existence, learning to look after the herd, baling hay, and caring for his aging aunt. Even with his failing eyesight, Penn’s uncle could sense something special about his nephew. The way torchflies seemed to swarm around him, or how the sheep would calm at his touch. His aunt soon came to rely on Penn’s help around the farm. But it was not long before all of that would forever change.

Following traces of lingering magic caught in the summer breeze, the Seeker discovered the mysterious child from the northern dells, and offered him a choice. To remain on his family farm, or to set off on a course for adventure, and learn to use his gifts as a mage.

Shepherd's Flock

Penn draws energy from Heroes casting abilities nearby. When enough energy has been absorbed, an ethereal Sheep will manifest, which Penn may collect. Only one such Sheep may exist at a time. Penn gains bonus Special Power for each Sheep he has collected.


Penn sends a swarm of fireflies from his staff in the targeted direction, dealing decreasing Magic Damage to any enemies it passes through and granting vision in a larger radius. The fireflies will linger at the end of their path for a short duration before returning to Penn when the effect ends or he recasts the ability. If the fireflies pass through a Sheep, it will be drawn to them and follow the swarm back to Penn.

Battering Ram

Penn conjures a spectral ram and sends it charging in the targeted direction, trampling minions for Magic Damage, and Slowing and dealing Magic Damage to the first struck enemy Hero.

Drover's Road

Penn creates a Drover's Road in the target direction and quickly travels along it. While traveling he is untargetable.The Drover's Road persists for a short duration. During this duration, an additional allied Hero may also travel through it.

Paddock (Ultimate)

Penn conjures a fence around target area, trapping enemies within it. Enemies within the area when the fence manifests are dealt Magic Damage.

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The Last Hit Challenge is a fast paced single player mode where the goal is to take credit for the deaths of as many Horen minions as you can before the time runs out. Compete against your friends and challenge the community as a whole for the highest score!

Fine tune your Hero Kit and spend your starting gold wisely - once the action starts points are earned in place of gold.

The game mode will spawn 100 minions split into 16 waves. They spawn at a slightly faster rate than in normal Duel and Siege modes. The challenge ends when the last enemy minion dies.

After the game you can view leaderboards for each hero, and a cumulative score of all your heroes' best scores combined.

Gaining Points

Score points for killing enemy wave minions:
  • Horen Ravager : 50 pts
  • Horen Slinger : 40 pts
  • Horen Firebearer : 75 pts
  • Horen War Machine : 100 pts

Bonus Points can be earned in a number of ways:
First Blood: (150 pts) Kill the first enemy minion to die in the challenge.
Attack Chain: (15 pts) Kill a minion with a basic attack when your last basic attack was also a last hit.
Siege Bonus: (15 pts) Kill a minion that is within the attack range of the enemy tower.
Combo Kill: (20 pts +) Kill at least 2 minions in quick succession - the more of them that die, the bigger the bonus.

All sources of points are scaled by your current points multiplier. Increase your multiplier to a maximum of 4x with consecutive last hits. Be careful not to miss any minions - doing so will reset the multiplier.


Whenever you get a last hit on a War Machine, a cycling power-up will drop. Pick it up to gain one of the following items:

Invigorate: Restores a percentage of your Health and Mana over a short duration.
Decimate: Deals a large amount of Pure Damage to target enemy minion and a lesser amount to nearby enemies.
Frenzy: Grants a large bonus to Attack Speed for a short duration.

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